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Casablanca Swimming Pool Enclosure

The Casablanca swimming pool enclosure is one of the most versatile in the range. It comes in 3 series made sizes, but can also be fully customised. The series made product is a full height walk around enclosure, with plenty of room for a social seating area to be combined with a cover for your pool. If full height is not what you are looking for we can still produce the Casablanca style in a low sided enclosure (see customisation below).

The tracked movement of the Casablanca ensures smooth and effortless running of the enclosure on the rails, so only one person is needed to open and close the building. Clear 4mm compact polycarbonate glazing on the side walls and end panels ensures you still enjoy your surrounding garden area whilst in the enclosure.

The series made Casablanca swimming pool enclosure comes in a standard wood decor profile colour, but again with all of our enclosure range this can be customised along with so many other features (see customisation below).

Technical Specification

  • Wood décor surface finish on the frame
  • Frame made of aluminium-based AlMgSi alloy
  • Reinforced load-bearing section 73,5 x 50 mm
  • Axial distance of the rails 110 mm
  • ELOX surface treatment of the tracks
  • Door in the back wall

Product Video

Technical Specification Continued

  • Fits minimum width 3.5m up to a maximum of 8.5m
  • Height from as low as 55cm up to a high of 3.05m
  • Profile colour of choice see www.ralcolor.com for RAL numbers
  • Choice of 4mm clear compact polycarbonate or 8mm/10mm twin walled polycarbonate
  • Standard or low elegance comfort tracks
  • Doors of choice, hinged, sliding and end clapper
  • Removable front and back walls
Casablanca Swimming Pool Enclosure - Series Made Production
  Casablanca A Casablanca B Casablanca C
External Width 578cm 678cm 700cm
Internal Width 534cm 612cm 612cm
Length 958cm 1275cm 1590cm
Height in the centre of the largest module 263cm 283cm 294cm
Number telescopic modules 3 modules 4 modules 5 modules
Profile colours available Wood Decoral
No. & type of doors 3 doors in total. 1 end panel double hinged with a clapper, 1 side sliding door and 1 back wall sliding door
Tracks – width either side 44cm 66cm 88cm
Glazing 10mm twin wall tubular polycarbonate roof & clear 4mm compact polycarbonate end panels & side walls
Fits pool size aprox: 5m x 9m 6m x 12m 6.5m x 15m
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