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Frequently Asked Questions

QHow long does a custom enclosure take to produce ? AWe ask to allow at least 4 – 6 weeks for our Prestige Range and 6 – 8 weeks for our Ultimate Range depending on the time of year and how big the enclosure is.
QCan 1 person open and close the tracked enclosures? AYes our tracked Prestige Collection of enclosures are speficially designed for ease of movement on the rails. One person is all it takes to open and close the enclosures.
QWill a swimming pool enclosure save me money on heating my pool? AWithout a doubt, from past feedback our customers have told us that they have had to turn down the thermostat several degrees depending on the time of year.
QCan I still use my blue bubble wrap cover on top of my water? AYes, in fact we reccommend customers to keep this cover on as well when the pool is not in use. This saves on evaporation of water and chemicals.
QCan you put the tracks over my skimmer plate? AWe do not reccommend that tracks are laid over skimmer plates.
QWhat guarantee do I get? AThere is a manufacturers 10 year guaratee on the aluminium profile and glazing. All small moving parts are covered by a 2 year guarantee.
QHow do I clean my enclosure? ANormally a soft jet wash is sufficient to clean the surface of the enclosure, no chemicals are needed.
QWhat are your payment terms? AWe ask for a 50% deposit on initial order, and then the balance is due on delivery, installation and final demonstration of the enclosure to the customer.
QWhat payment types do you accept? AWe accept payment by BACS, Cheque or credit card (all credit card payments will incur a 2% surcharge).
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