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The MaperGlas® Ultimate Collection CTA & CMP Range of Commercial Enclosures


We present the MaperGlas® CTA enclosures, suitable for both larger domestic and commercial projects, such as schools, gymnasiums, tennis courts etc. MaperGlas┬« have anticipated the market requirements and needs and can provide this product which includes essential values such as elegance, technology, quality and adherance to strict building and technical regulations. Some of the many features include

  • Automatic ventilation facade
  • Double glazing in the side walls and fa├žades
  • Cellular polycarbonate or sandwich panel in the roof
  • Ground level rails, so no obstructions on the floor
  • Roofing completely covered for changing room privacy etc.
  • Side access doors
  • Motorisation of the enclosure

Maperglas Prestige CTA - Gallery


The MaperGlas® CMP range really are the ultimate in commercial structures. Everyone is tailor made to exact requirements. Overseen by the excellent technical department, nothing is left to chance. Attention to the smallest detail is observed along with adherance to strict building and technical regulations. MaperGlas® CMP structures will amaze you, have a look at the gallery below.

Maperglas Prestige CMP - Gallery

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