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MaperGlas ® the Ultimate Collection – Domestic CTU Enclosures

Introducing the new and exclusive Ultimate Collection from Maperglas®. Domestic enclosures available for the first time in the UK exclusively by Leisure Shelters UK Ltd. The Ultimate Collection of swimming pool enclosures are all custom made to your exact requirements. There are no standard sizes here; every enclosure is unique to the individual customer. The enclosures can span pools of between 4.0 metres and 12.0 metres wide, with an unlimited length.

Materials & Features of the Ultimate Collection include:

  • The aluminium profile is thermally lacquered in powder coating, to give it a hardness and durability that is the best on the enclosure market today.
  • Trackless movement
  • Air tightness of up to 97% thanks to the MaperGlas® EPDM rubber strips, efficiently keeping the air temperature in the enclosure.
  • During assembly all fixings are stainless steel of the highest quality.
  • The wheels that aid the trackless motion of the enclosure are made of polyamide and include bearings for smooth movement of the enclosure when opening and closing.
  • The roof self guiding system is by means of the exclusive MaperGlas® driving cogs made of polyamide and stainless steel axles and supports.
  • The angling of the tiltable facade, both in its vertical and ventilation position, is carried out by means of stainless steel pins on a lacquered aluminium chassis.
  • The anchoring of the enclosure to the floor, in its closed and open positions, is by means of easy to use stainless steel threaded handles. Threaded stainless steel sleeves are installed into the ground, and sit flush to the floor for the handles to be secured into.
  • The enclosures have been designed to withstand winds of up to 102km/h and snow loads of up to 40 kp/m₂.
  • Roofing material is tubular polycarbonate to the appropriate thickness of the width span, starting at 8mm up to 16mm thick.
  • The side walls and end facades can be glazed in a number of ways to include; compact 4mm acrylic glass, 3+3mm laminated safety glass and compact polycarbonate. It is also possible to double glaze these structures.

Maperglas Ultimate CTU - Gallery

Tilting Facade

The tilting facade has 3 functions:

  1. The enclosure can be moved back over furniture, pool steps and other obstacles up to a height of 0.95m without the need to move them out of the way.
  2. All modules are telescopic, and in summer the smallest module and tiltable facade, can be slid right back into the largest module. Leaving you with a beautiful open air covered area for entertaining and enjoying the better weather.
  3. With the facade in the closed position it is possible to tilt it forward towards the exterior in order to obtain controlled ventilation during the spring and autumn months. This is thanks to a series of exclusive MaperGlas® designed mechanisms which provide smooth and effortless movement.


Sliding single or double doors can be installed into the tilting facade and the fixed facade according to your requirements, these run smoothly on nylon wheels integrated within the structure. Side sliding doors can also be installed where necessary.


Although the Ultimate Collection of enclosures can be moved manually with ease. If required motors can be installed to enable a completely automatic opening and closing of the enclosure, including the complete automatic movement of the tilting facade.

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