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Casablanca Infinity swimming pool enclosure installation


The Casablanca Infinity swimming pool enclosure is proving a popular choice with our customers recently.  With its sleek, modern carbon fibre effect profile and crystal clear moulded polycarbonate glazing it is certainly making a statement in gardens across the UK.

The Infinity comes in 2 series made sizes;  the A is for a pool of around 3.5m wide x 6.2m long and the B for a pool size of around 4.5m wide and 8.5m long.  The Inifinty can also be customised to your exact specifications. 

Why is the Infinity so popular?  We believe its because of the low level design, moulded polycarbonate and the fact that it does not look out of place in todays modern gardens.  With a height as low as 62cm for the A and 75cm for the B it does not intrude into your garden space and scenary.  High quality compenents and low level comfort tracks also add to its features.  Contact us today for further information on the Infinity swimming pool enclosure, or any of our other designs available.

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