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Motorised Retractable Roof 5 Storeys High in Penthouse Complex in Central London


This is a first for the Leisure Shelters team.  A fully motorised retractable roof, 5 storeys up, in the centre of London,  in an exclusive penthouse flat complex. The photo in this article is the "BEFORE"  View the "AFTER"  video on our You Tube Channel at http://youtu.be/v0VMgrqQeY4

When presented with this project, the team instantly knew that the Infinity enclosure would work from their Albixon range.  With the addition of the retractable roof being fully motorised and operated via a radio sensor remote control, up to 20 metres away. 

The customer, although being 5 storeys up, wanted to achieve an open air outside room to complement his penthouse flat refurbishment.  The carbon finish profile added a touch of elegance to the final product along with the crystal clear glazing.

The roof measures approx 3 metres wide by 5.5 metres long.

For more details please contact one of the Leisure Shelters team on 01480 382181 or email your enquiry to sales@leisureshelters.co.uk

28th February 2014



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