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Product Range

Choose from our two collections of swimming pool enclosures below:

The Albixon® Prestige Collection

The Albixon® Prestige Collection, with its variety of low, mid and high sided swimming pool enclosures to suit any budget.

The Maperglas® Ultimate Collection

The MaperGlas® Ultimate collection unique enclosures to suit Domestic and Commercial projects of any size.
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Domestic (CTU structures)

Introducing the new and exclusive Ultimate Collection from Maperglas®. Domestic enclosures available for the first time in the UK exclusively by Leisure Shelters UK Ltd. The Ultimate Collection of swimming pool enclosures are all custom made to your exact requirements. There are no standard sizes here; every enclosure is unique to the individual customer.
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Commercial (CTA & CMP structures)

We offer a selection of Commercial (CTA & CMP structures). Click below to find out more.
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